Our Community

Making connections from BC and beyond

From our humble beginnings in British Columbia, ROSe MDs are driven to expand their outreach efforts in other provinces to provide expert advice and specialist care to support other physicians who need it the most.

Business model


Provide virtual ICUs to rural doctors in British Columbia and surrounding Territories


Recruit intensivists who will be dedicated team for each province to provide virtual ICUs in all provinces across Canada.

Provide Web Services for healthcare providers using existing communication system (i.e., paging system) as a replacement to their legacy platform.


White label virtual ICUs in countries where rural doctors lack critical care support

Be Part of ROSe Telehealth Network


Join us as a ROSe MD, if you:

  • Passionate in extending assistance to industry peers and physicians who may not have access to intensivists

  • Willing to mentor and share expert advice to other physicians

  • Driven to make connections and build a community trust

  • Committed to providing exceptional service when called upon, with utmost care and compassion

Join our community of physicians and receive:

• Improved health outcomes with early intensivist/specialist consultation and support

• Increased retention of rural physicians in under serviced communities

• Improved efficiency and safety of inter-facility transfers

• Improved utility of existing technological infrastructure in provinces

• Improved collaboration and partnerships between rural physicians and specialists

• Improved mentorship and knowledge transfer throughout the province

• Potential reduction in burnout of health care providers