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Who can call a ROSe ("Rosie") specialist?

Any physician or nurse practitioner with an active licence in Canada (except in Quebec). A nurse or a medical student who is being directly supervised by an actively licensed physician can call as well.

What can I call a ROSe specialist about?

Any patient issue. Whether this is to get help about a patient in Cardiac arrest or wanting to discuss a stable clinic patient you are having questions about. We are here to help. During the COVID19 Pandemic we are also able to answer any questions about COVID-19.

When can I call a ROSe specialist?

Anytime. We are available 24/7 at a touch of a button.

How do I call a ROSe specialist?
Do I get a transcript of the consult?

Yes! Once your call is done you will have a consult dictated to you directly in the ROSe App. You can view this consults and respond to it via text or phone call right away. You can print this consult or upload it to your EMR via secure email.

Can I call back about the same patient again on the same day? tomorrow?


What if the issue is very complex and I need extra help. Will you be frustrated with me or upset or not want to talk to me?

Absolutely NOT. We get that patient care is challenging. We are your colleagues. We are not here to judge. If it means we are on video chat with you for a while: That is OK.

What information do I need to provide to make a call?

1) The Patient’s Name
2) The Patient’s Date of Birth
3) The Patients Valid Provincial Health Number
4) The Physician/Nurse Practitioners Valid Billing Number

This is great! Can I help spread the word!?

YES! Please contact your local ministry of health representative and loop us in on the conversation. Let’s together make sure that no Canadian misses out on excellent critical care and access to a specialist because of where they choose to live.

Where can I download ROSe?

You can download the app on Android or IOS by clicking the “Download the App” section below or the “Get the IOS/ Android App” button at the top of the page.